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Furniture Spotlight

This fireplace makes the perfect centerpiece to any leisure room.  What will you place on the mantle? The black fireplace is accented with a green leather chair and red pillow. Perfect fro reading your favorite book.

Our Dolls and Animals

Ladies enjoying an afternoon tea with Jeeves, the butler attending. Our unique dolls and animals help bring any dollhouse to life.  As unique as the houses they inhabit, these dolls and dollhouse pets are truly special.

Explore A Room

This elegant room is the true showpiece of the home.  Brilliant colors combine with comfortable seating to create the ideal room for entertaining and enjoying the company of others. Every item is detailed to perfection.

Our Unique Houses

Peace and quiet have never been easier to find than from inside the walls of this splendid English Cotswold Cottage.  Sprawling fields and expansive sky provide the backdrop for these warm and cozy rooms.